Research and development

URI-Soča carries out scientific research as a tertiary-level health institution in the following areas:

  • physical and rehabilitation medicine,
  • rehabilitation robotics,
  • rehabilitation engineering, and
  • in occupational rehabilitation and equal opportunities for the disabled.

Scientific research work at URI-Soča is carried out in an integrated manner within individual organisational units of health and other programs and within the Research and Development Service and the Development Centre for Vocational Rehabilitation. 

URI-Soča cooperates with individual members of the University of Ljubljana (Faculty of Medicine and Faculty of Electrical Engineering) within two research programs financed by the Public Research Agency of the Republic of Slovenia (ARRS). Within the research projects, which are mainly co-financed by ARRS, we cooperate with other higher education and research institutions in Slovenia. 

URI-Soča cooperates internationally with many foreign research institutions, especially within European Union projects. URI-Soča also cooperates with reputable manufacturers of rehabilitation technologies in the development and clinical studies of new devices and approaches to rehabilitation.

One of the important areas of work in URI-Soča is also cooperation with the Ministry of Labour, Family, Social Affairs and Equal Opportunities. We focus on the development of occupational rehabilitation, preparation of quality and service standards, education for professionals in occupational rehabilitation and other current tasks necessary for equalising the opportunities of the disabled.