Soča Pharmacy is the only specialised pharmacy for medical devices in Slovenia. In addition to a large offer, the pharmacy is distinguished by a number of innovative solutions to help our patients, especially those with limited mobility.

Purchase from a vehicle

We were the first pharmacy in Slovenia to introduce a drive-through service. The service was originally intended primarily for the disabled, but today it is highly valued by all our customers. Buying from a car is comfortable and safe and especially welcome in bad weather and in times of various viruses and other infectious diseases. It is also very popular with young parents, as they do not have to leave the vehicle with their children.

Online pharmacy

We were among the first in Slovenia to provide purchases through an online pharmacy. The online pharmacy  has one of the most extensive ranges of medical devices, medications, nutritional supplements and care products. It constantly pampers visitors with special discounts. We have prepared articles with useful tips for all our clients. Follow us on our Facebook page.

Free delivery of medical devices with a ZZZS order form

Soča Pharmacy was the first in Slovenia to enable free delivery of medical devices with a ZZZS order form at home. Ordering is very simple. You take a photo of the order form with your phone and write down the delivery information, and our medical device experts will take care of the rest. You can read more about ordering medical devices with a ZZZS home order form at

Free parking in front of the entranc

Soča Pharmacy has free parking in front of the entrance, thereby allowing our customers to enjoy easy access and fast service.

Demonstration Centre for Medical Devices

The pharmacy has a modern Demonstration Centre for Medical Devices. When choosing medical devices, you are advised by experts – URI Soča, who specialise in the application of medical devices.

The latest service of the Soča Pharmacy is the rental of medical devices for the home. The following devices are currently available for rent:

  • wheelchairs,
  • walking frames with wheels,
  • walking frames without wheels,
  • enteral feeding pumps.