URI – Soča welcome students of different medical professions involved in the rehabilitation process (medicine, physiotherapy, occupational therapy, orthotics and prosthetics, psychology, speech therapy). We are accepting students through ERASMUS and other programmes who study on first, second or third cycle degree programmes and who have already passed basic medical and professional exams in at least the second year of first cycle degree programmes. Students will be able to participate in the rehabilitation process of patients (children and adults) with a broad range of different neurologic and/or orthopaedic pathologies. The main focus of the clinical application is to engage students in everyday rehabilitation treatment within their scope of practice with the emphasis on practical work with patients with mentor supervision, help and assistance. Mentors will support students in the challenges they will eventually face, whether these are in the communication or professional fields. Students will be involved in multidisciplinary teams of hospital wards and/or out-patient departments but will work within their professional field. We expect students to be fluent in English, responsible, motivated, ready to learn professional skills and have a positive and encouraging attitude towards patients. Students should at least be familiar with basic standardised outcome measures and basic therapeutic procedures. They will be able to develop and upgrade the knowledge of these procedures, both theoretically and, especially, practically. 

Additionally, Slovenia is a very diverse country with mountains, hills and coastal areas and offers plenty of possibilities for outdoor activities in the student’s spare time.